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Banana Coconut Pudding

I love food and I love to eat. So you would think the whole breastfeeding-eat-all-the-food situation I'm in right now would be heaven. But let me tell you this, getting in enough calories every single day, to maintain my milk supply is really tough! Eating has become a full-time job! ...
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Fermented Carrots

Fermented foods are a staple in every single traditional culture, and their absence in the typical North American Diet, is likely a major contributor to poor health. I've written about gut heath and fermented foods many times on this blog already, so feel free to check out those posts: Sauerkraut ...
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Coconut Milk Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the foods I miss the most, since having to avoid dairy. Unfortunately there are no good alternatives out there. And while there are some expensive cultured almond or coconut snacks available, they are filled with stabilizers, gums and other weird ingredients - so I don't touch ...
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Green Mango Smoothie |

Green Mango Smoothie

I'm going to be honest with you, I've never been a big smoothie fan. When I started down my health journey, I had a smoothie every morning for breakfast for about 2 years, then hit a wall and haven't enjoyed them in years. However, so many people love them, and ...
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Orange Jello | DIY, dye-free, sugar-free | real food, paleo, AIP |

Orange Jello

It was 35 degrees here on the weekend (for my friends south of the border, that's 95F) and while that's just gorgeous for most people, being 6 months pregnant made it a little tough to handle! So I spent the weekend enjoying lots of cold food like salads, hard boiled ...
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Chocolate Smoothie (with hidden spinach!)

Ah the smoothie. The breakfast that always sits on a pedestal. Even if it's full of crappy ingredients, the word "smoothie" always brings to mind healthy, fit individuals. Is that legit? Well, in some cases maybe - so let's sort out all the info. Benefits of Smoothies Fast. Can be ...
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Instant Pot | Favourite Kitchen Gadget |

Instant Pot

I've had a lot of people recently ask me how I keep bone broth on hand all of the time. This is a totally fair question because in order to get a really nutrient-rich, gelatinous bone broth it needs to cook for a long time. We're talking 24 hours on ...
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Liver, a True Superfood |

Liver – A True Superfood!

When we think of superfoods, things like kale, acai, chia and other plants come to mind. However if we actually put a definition to the word superfood, it becomes quite obvious that these are not true superfoods. Here are my requirements for a superfood: It needs to be jam-packed with ...
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Bacon & Apple Braised Cabbage |

Bacon and Apple Braised Cabbage

Cabbage isn't many people's first choice of veggie. It has a bad reputation that it simply doesn't deserve! Cause you know what? It's one of my favourites and I'm not a notorious eat what most normal people don't like person. I have learned that if you cook food properly, it ...
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75 Healthy Holiday Recipes | gluten free, dairy free, grain free |

75 Healthy Holiday Recipes

The holiday season can be challenging when you avoid certain foods. If you're lucky, you can indulge in a few treats that you wouldn't normally indulge in - if that's the case go ahead! Just make them count! However if you're like me, there's a line you can't cross. I ...
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Maple Balsamic Kale | vegan , paleo, AIP, delicious |

Maple Balsamic Kale

I love kale. But I am also very aware that kale is an acquired taste. I didn't love it right off the bat, and in fact I was kind of intimidated to cook it! I hate soggy cooked greens, and raw kale salad can be kind of overwhelming (both from ...
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Ginger Carrot Soup | dairy free, paleo, vegan |

Ginger Carrot Soup

This past weekend we harvested all of the carrots from our garden. We were shocked to see how many there were! We only planted 1 row, but ended up with bowls and bowls of carrots. So in order to use them all while they're fresh and most tasty, I quickly ...
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