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Why do we need safer skincare options?

Unfortunately, the government is not looking out for us, when it comes to what we put on our bodies. For instance, Health Canada currently prohibits less than 600 substances for use in cosmetics (the USA is even worse), whereas the European Union (EU) bans close to 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics. On top of that, Health Canada openly acknowledges that it “…does not regularly test cosmetic products to verify the accuracy of product labels or to check for the presence of prohibited substances, microbial contaminants, and heavy metals.” 

But mine is for “Sensitive Skin”!

Unfortunately health and safety is usually thought of in the short-term, as in acute reactions such as a rash or irritated eyes. Very few companies, however, are paying attention to our long-term health. Right now in the U.S. and Canada, it is completely legal for companies to use toxic chemicals in the products that we put on our bodies every day – even if the ingredients are linked to cancer or other health problems.

Exposure to environmental toxins

If you have been following me for a while, or worked with me one-on-one, you will likely be well aware of how one of my overarching goals is to reduce toxic load in the body. I think it’s important all the time, but especially if you’re planning on trying to conceive. I am under no false illusion that we can eliminate toxins from our lives, but after reading the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck, I learned that even little steps can go a long way in reducing our overall exposures. 

The 3 ways toxins get into our body is through inhaling, consuming and absorption through the skin. Managing toxic inhalants is a little tough, depending on where you live, but you can mitigate your exposure through things like air filters, using the air recycle mode on your car, water filters in the shower (steam = chlorine inhalation) and using natural cleaning products. Consuming organic food and filtered water is the best way to minimize exposure to ingested toxins. One area most people forget to think about is their skin. Our skin is a massive organ that is porous and allows most things to soak through directly into our bloodstream. I could get into all of the details of the dangers, and what ingredients to watch out for, but that would result in a book or an entirely new website, so instead, I will direct you to my favourite resource: SkinDeep by The Environmental Working Group


If a company is not openly committed to avoiding risky ingredients (especially downright dangerous ones) and if they are not transparent about the ingredients they use, their products are guaranteed to contain risky ingredients linked to all sorts of health issues ranging from asthma to neurological disruption to endocrine-based cancers.


Safer Skincare

So, what to do? I spent a lot of time trying to find alternative products to Clinique (which was the only line of make up and face cream etc. my sensitive skin could tolerate), and unfortunately, most of the options out there are fairly crunchy. Luckily, I’m in to crunchy. I also like to make some of my own stuff. But lately, I’ve been looking for something more. It might have to do with having an infant, and not sleeping, but my basic routine could probably use a boost. Enter, Beautycounter. 

Beautycounter is everything I could hope for in a personal care product company. When my skincare guru Liz Wolfe started singing its praises, I had to check it out. And sure enough, it’s awesome. Here are my reasons this company rocks, and why I decided to align myself with them.

  1. The Never List – they have over 1500 ingredients that are non-negotiables. Other companies don’t hesitate to use these sketchy ingredients, but Beautycounter refuses to. This is incredibly important to me, and the number one thing I look for in personal care products.
  2. Full Disclosure – all ingredients are listed. They don’t hide junk behind catch all terms like “fragrance” or “parfum”. Unlike some other companies that trend towards more natural products, Beautycounter is 100% transparent.
  3. A Company with a Mission – and one that I’m proud to get behind! They’re working hard to make changes at the federal level in the USA, and heading towards that goal here in Canada. So Beautycounter is simultaneously creating change through a grassroots movement, and a top-down approach.
  4. Performance – this stuff is legit. As much as I was cool with health food store products (and I still use some!), not everyone is, and certainly not a lot of my clients are! These products are just as high quality as Clinique and other department store brands, so it is an easy lateral shift! 

Beautycounter: For those who don’t want to sacrifice safety or performance.

(scroll to the bottom of this page for my favourite products) 



Beautycounter Independent Consultant

It was a no-brainer to affiliate myself with this company when the opportunity presented itself. Since I love the products, I wanted to be able to share them with both my readers and my clients. I promise that my blog will remain true to its roots, and will not shift into a sales pitch! My goal is to, as always, share what I love and what I learn, with the hope of streamlining your wellness journeys!

If you are interested in any products, please check out my consultant page, or contact me if you have any questions!



My Favourite Products

Cleansers & Moisturizers

HYDRATING BODY LOTION: This body lotion, which doubles as hand cream, was a saving grace this winter! Between all the diaper changes, cooking, and the winter, my hands were beyond dry. Coconut oil wasn’t cutting it! My legs loved it too!
CHARCOAL CLEANSING BAR: While I still love the oil-cleansing method, this has quickly become my favourite way to remove make up, or sweat from the gym! No tight skin afterwards either!
BODY WASH: This beautifully scented body wash brings me back to the days of Herbal Essences – without the toxic fragrance!


















Shampoo & Conditioner

SHAMPOO: Beautifully scented shampoo that actually works! Left my hair with gorgeous curls!
CONDITIONER: For someone with curly/wavy hair, a good conditioner is a must. While ACV worked well for scalp health, it left my hair not super pretty. This did the trick!















Face Care

NOURISHING DAY CREAM: As a former “Yellow Cream by Clinique” lover, this is a wonderful alternative. I still add a few drops of oil to boost hydrating power in the winter.
ROSEWATER MIST: I’ve never been one for fancy products, but I thought I would give this a try. I love it as a toner, but even better, I love it when I just need a brightening boost. An effective, and luxurious product, that I love as a new mom!
NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM: Historically I have always used the same moisturizer, but I thought I would try out the day/night combo, and I have to say, I’m loving the results. My skin looks smoother and brighter than ever!






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