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Eating gluten-free, dairy-free and mostly paleo (always real food) in New York City is easy! Check out our favourite spots from our birthday trip/babymoon.

Real Food in NYC

Last June, the hubby and I spent an extra long weekend in New York City! It was my 30th Birthday (and his 36th) and I was 6 months pregnant, so not exactly up for a raging party - haha! So as a combo birthday trip and baby-moon, we hopped on ...
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Fever: The Role in Immune Function, Benefits & Risks of Treatment, Natural Remedies

So I've been sick. Really sick. It came on as a slight cough last Tuesday - I thought it was residual from a cardio-intensive workout that morning. But by the evening it was still there. I immediately started hitting it with everything I had. Now normally my arsenal is pretty ...
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Birth Control

Two years before even starting to try to conceive, I went off the birth control. I went off it for other reasons as well, and while this post isn't about birth control and health, it is important to recognize that birth control is not a 100% safe and harmless pharmaceutical ...
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Liver, a True Superfood | AmandaNaturally.com

Liver – A True Superfood!

When we think of superfoods, things like kale, acai, chia and other plants come to mind. However if we actually put a definition to the word superfood, it becomes quite obvious that these are not true superfoods. Here are my requirements for a superfood: It needs to be jam-packed with ...
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One Sentence Journal | AmandaNaturally.com

One-Sentence Journal

One of the promises I made to myself as I was recovering from Adrenal Fatigue was to focus on the positive whenever possible. Since I am predisposed (both through personality and genetics) to be susceptible to stress, the habits I formed during my recovery have become part of my every ...
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Vegetable Oils | Dangers, Health Implications, Which Fats/Oils to Choose | AmandaNaturally.com

Vegetable Oils (a.k.a. Industrial Seed Oils)

One of the biggest concerns with the current nutrition recommendations are those revolving around fat consumption. Practitioners who are not up to date on current research still advise low-fat diets for weight loss and protection against heart disease. Not only is this information not substantiated by the medical literature, it ...
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Healing Leaky Gut | foods to avoid, foods for healing, lifestyle changes and working with a practitioner | AmandaNaturally.com

Healing Leaky Gut

In the first 2 posts in this series, I discussed: What is Leaky Gut - A compromised digestive tract lining that can lead to a whole host of health concerns from minor allergies to full-blown autoimmune conditions What Causes a Leaky Gut - Food (specifically wheat, sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains ...
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Adrenal Fatigue | Identification, Testing, Recovery and My Experience | AmandaNaturally.com

Adrenal Fatigue

By the time March hit this year, I was burnt out. Which, considering what the previous 6 months were like, was pretty much guaranteed to happen. Let me explain. August 2014 - my grandmother passed away. Without getting into the details, this was one of the most emotionally turbulent few ...
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Eating Healthy Food Is Not A Choice

This is an issue that has been really bothering me lately. It makes me so frustrated and angry that I literally feel like I'm going to cry! When did we all choose to forget that our body rebuilds its tissues from nutrients found in food? On average most of the ...
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7 Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation | AmandaNaturally.com

7 Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation

Okay, so you’ve survived travel day, and now you’re at your destination! Time to have fun! Definitely not time for curling up in a ball of pain on the couch of your hotel room for 24 hours. So how do you make sure to stick with food that you know ...
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Eating Healthy While Travelling | www.AmandaNaturally.com

Eating Healthy While Travelling Part 1: Preparation

Even with my 5+ years of experience living a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle (I’ve since added some foods to that list, but that’s what I started with), I occasionally still get what I call “dairy-bombed” or “gluten-bombed”. I really do everything in my power to avoid dairy (my worst allergy) because ...
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The Power of Meditation - Amanda Naturally

The Power of Meditation

A year and a half ago I was coming into the final stretch for wedding planning. With 5 months to go, the pressure was on. I was starting to get stressed and I had promised myself I wouldn't get stressed over what was supposed to be a fun, happy and ...
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