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Always Do the Best Job You Can

I recently was engaged in a conversation where I was informed that vegetarianism is what will feed the world, and while I was making a better choice by choosing ethically raised meat, I was sacrificing the environment for trying to achieve optimal health. And boy did that get me thinking ...
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What Causes Leaky Gut - Amanda Naturally

What Causes Leaky Gut

This is the second in a series of posts on digestive health and leaky gut. If you haven't read the first post, you can find it here. It discusses how the digestive system is supposed to work and why leaky gut is so dangerous to the overall health of the ...
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Leaky Gut

Picture a tree - a big, strong, beautiful tree. How did the tree get so magnificent? The most important requirement for it to grow strong and healthy, is the soil it is planted in. Along with the sun, the soil is the source of life for the tree. It is ...
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