Pregnancy & Postpartum

Body Odour

Anyone else find smelly armpits as annoying as I do? Well, it can be hard to 100% eliminate that issue (while staying clear of toxic compounds like aluminum, that is), but there are definitely a lot of hacks you can employ. Try some of these out and let me know ...
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Newborn Baby Equipment

Favourite Equipment = No Equipment Before my baby shower, a lot of people were surprised that I didn't register for some typical baby items like a Bumbo, an Exersaucer, a Jolly Jumper, Swings, Activity Mats etc. So I thought I would share a few resources as to why we didn't ...
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Postpartum Fitness

If you asked me during my pregnancy, when I would be back to the gym after having a baby, I would have said "6 weeks, maybe 2 months". Oh how naive I was... Aside from the fact that (unknowingly going in) I was a full-on attachment parent, or that our ...
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How To Help A New Mom |

How to Help a New Mom

The first few days postpartum was something I thought about (and worried about) a lot the last few weeks before baby girl arrived. I had no idea how I would feel and what I would want - both physically and emotionally - but I knew that as an introvert (def: ...
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3rd Trimester |

My 3rd Trimester

NOTE: Baby girl arrived on her due date, and I had assumed she would come late since the majority of first time pregnancies do, my plan was to leave this blogpost for the week after my due date when I had nothing to do. So, I wrote this 4 months ...
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Pregnant & Crossfitting |

Pregnant and Crossfitting

Ever since I was a (highly energetic) little girl, my parents knew that burning off that energy was key to my happiness, and team sports was the way to do it! I started playing soccer at age 5 and never looked back. My dad also wanted to make sure I ...
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Pre-Baby Food Prep | gluten-free, dairy-free, nutrient-dense |

Pre-Baby Food Prep

I can't tell you how many people have told me to "just relax, whatever you do before hand, you will inevitably end up eating take out most of the first few months with a newborn". Aside from the fact that nutritionally, I couldn't imagine trying to heal/recover from pregnancy, labour ...
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My Second Trimester |

My Second Trimester

Welcome to the second instalment of my personal experiences during my pregnancy. If you haven't read the first part (and if you want to!) check it out here. My second trimester was a lot less eventful. I got through the minor symptoms that I was experiencing in my first trimester ...
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Detox Your Home |

Detox Your Home

When you start down the path of more natural living and trying to detox your home, it can be a bit overwhelming as you realize how insidious toxins are. This can be especially scary for parents, or soon-to-be parents! Note: as someone with a rigorous science degree, I'm careful of ...
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Folate vs. Folic Acid | Neural Tube Defects vs. Autism |Clearning up the Confusion | Healthy Pregnancy |

Folate vs. Folic Acid, Neural Tube Defects vs. Autism – Clearing up the Confusion

I've had some (panicked) questions about the recent articles on folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and increased risk of autism. Let's chat science: 1. This study is what is called an Observational Study. Do these types of studies have their merits? Absolutely. Do they establish causation? Absolutely NOT. This study ...
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1st Trimester |

My First Trimester

In an effort to share as much information as possible, this post is about my experiences around food during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. I kept this post in drafts for my first trimester, with the intention of sharing my experiences, so it's written a little differently than ...
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Fever: The Role in Immune Function, Benefits & Risks of Treatment, Natural Remedies

So I've been sick. Really sick. It came on as a slight cough last Tuesday - I thought it was residual from a cardio-intensive workout that morning. But by the evening it was still there. I immediately started hitting it with everything I had. Now normally my arsenal is pretty ...
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