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Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites |

Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites (and why you don’t need to be afraid of bacon!)

In honour of the ridiculous report released by the WHO earlier this week (saying that bacon and red meat are akin to cigarettes regarding cancer risk), I've decided to share a go-to appetizer in my house - Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites! This doesn't even really require a recipe per ...
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Pumpkin Spice Muffins | grain free, gluten free, nut free |

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Well it's about time I posted a pumpkin recipe this fall! I'm a huge fan of the pumpkin-spice obsession that occurs as of October 1. Normally I stick with homemade pumpkin spice lattes using my pumpkin spice creamer, but sometimes I get a little more creative. Case in point, this ...
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Thanksgiving Round Up

The best part about Thanksgiving is that it is based around real, whole foods like meat and veggies. I've gathered up some of the most delicious Thanksgiving recipes from the blogosphere to help you finish up your menus this weekend! The only classic Thanksgiving foods that are not real, whole ...
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Baba Ghanoush & Cucumber Sliders | grain free, dairy free, vegan |

Baba Ghanoush & Cucumber Sliders

This recipe came out of troubleshooting the following food-related challenges opportunities I was posed with last week: We have cucumbers growing like crazy in our garden right now, and I needed to use them up in any way possible. They were large field cucumbers, which worked just fine, but I ...
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Guacamole & Avocado Tutorial |

Guacamole Recipe + Avocado Tutorial

Avocado's are the best. They are jam-packed with nutrients, fibre and healthy fat. And they're freakin delicious too!!! Adding half an avocado to your eggs, salad, or burgers, is the perfect way to not only get in some additional nutrition, but to make sure your meal will be filling for ...
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Watermelon Jello |

Watermelon Jello

When I was in grade school, we were always allowed to bring in a treat for the whole class on our birthdays. Since my birthday was in June, and it was usually hot out, my mom would always make jello jigglers for me to take! They were always a huge ...
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Curry Burgers with Cilantro Lime Mayo |

Curry Burgers with Cilantro Lime Mayo

Burgers are a staple in our house! Why? Because they're quick to make, delicious and inexpensive. The last part is key, because when buying properly raised meat, cost does become a factor. And after beef shanks and organ meats, ground beef is the cheapest cut you can get! So between ...
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Salad Dressings | DIY Tutorial | Recipe Round Up |

Homemade Salad Dressings – a DIY Tutorial and a Recipe Round Up!

One of the processed foods I really caution my clients against is pre-made salad dressings. The reason for this is multi-factorial: The oil is always a vegetable oil. Even if it says "made with olive oil". Check the ingredients list, olive oil will be listed after an industrial seed oil ...
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Simple Coleslaw with a Lime Vinaigrette | vegan, grain free, AIP |

Simple Coleslaw with a Lime Vinaigrette

As someone who never liked mayonnaise growing up, coleslaw was something that I avoided pretty passionately. I was even that weird kid who loved salads and veggies - but the mayo killed coleslaw for me. Then one day, a few years ago, I received a cabbage in our weekly veggie ...
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Fried Plantains | vegan, paleo, AIP |

Fried Plantains

Oh plantains - how I love thee! Seriously guys, plantains are the best! Here's why: They are incredibly versatile and can be used to make everything from biscuits and pancakes, to tortillas and nachos. Green plantains are savoury and a great alternative to potatoes. Ripe plantains (yellow, or yellow with ...
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Sweet Potato Sliders |

Sweet Potato Sliders

Parties and social gatherings are more difficult for those of us who avoid specific foods for health reasons. It becomes significantly easier when you host, or if you are attending a pot luck, because you know that you will at least be able to eat what you make! The key ...
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Sweet Potato Fries |

Sweet Potato Fries

One of my goals with this blog is to present simple, nourishing food. To show anyone who may stumble across this little piece of the blogosphere that it is easy to make food that tastes amazing, is budget-friendly, and is healing to your body, whether you are the picture of ...
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