Welcome – I’m Amanda!

Health Educator & Advocate.

Raised in the city, country girl at heart.

Wife & partner to Jon, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Mama to 2 wildlings who changed our lives forever.

Life long-learner.

Committed to holistic living in every sense – health, parenting, schooling, environment, food & beyond.

I have had many iterations of what Amanda Naturally looks like – but with a narrative thread throughout its entirety rooted in holism and seeking health & happiness through personal responsibility, taking chances, trying new things and sharing about them as I journey through the process myself.

I started Amanda Naturally as an Instagram page, based out of my tiny 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto. It has grown with me through marriage, moves to the suburbs, the creation of our private practice in Whitby, parenthood, pivots within our businesses and more.

My goal continues to be the same. I hope that in my little corner of the internet, you find information that helps to empower you to make choices that further your health & happiness, in a truly holistic, non-dogmatic way.

Thanks for being here!

xx Amanda, Naturally

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