Corporate Opportunities

Corporate Workshops and Public Speaking 

With a previous career in Corporate Health & Wellness I have a great deal of experience presenting in many diverse business settings. I offer a variety of corporate opportunities such as presentations, lunch & learns and participation in health fairs. All services can be tailored to the unique demographic of your workplace. Popular topics include:

  • Inflammation: The Root Cause of all Contemporary Diseases
  • From Egg Yolks to Whole Grains: Getting to the Bottom of Nutrition Facts and Fallacies
  • Digestion: The Foundation of Your Immune System
  • Superfoods for Optimizing Health and Wellness
  • The Science of Detoxification: Liver Health, Toxins in our Every Day Lives, and Foods that Support Cellular Detox Pathways
  • Nutrition and Stress Management
  • Boost Your Immune System, Naturally
  • Brain Health: Food, Toxins, Digestive Health & Lifestyle – You are in Control ff Your Future!

*Unique presentations are available for an additional fee

      Service Fee – Please email for a quote



What lecture attendees are saying…

“That was a brilliant presenter you found (only wish her practice was closer to home) – her presentation was the key topic of conversation at my end of summerlicious table today. thanks very much for your efforts”

“She’s one of the best – if not the best – guest speakers we’ve had. She knows her stuff and she’s a great communicator!”

“She is a motivational speaker and incredibly knowledgeable.  She presents the scientific in a way that is understandable.  Thank you for finding her.”

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