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Nutrition Consulting

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you have an autoimmune condition that you want to address through diet and lifestyle? Maybe you’re trying to conceive and want to set your body up as best possible. Or you’re working on shifting your whole family over to a real-foods diet and are struggling with getting the kids on board! Work with me to kickstart your journey to optimal wellness through targeted nutrition and health coaching. Together we will reset the flora in your digestive tract, heal the intestinal lining, focus on adding in nutrient-dense foods and figure out a way to make it work for YOU to support your life goals. 

*Please note, I do not provide meal plans because in the 5+ years I have been doing this, I have found they do not work for the approach I take. You will be provided with lots of suggestions, ideas and recipes to help you make a gentle shift from your current approach, to one that will help support your health conditions.

Initial Appointment (60-90 min) – $119 + HST (total $134.47) 

Follow Up Appointments (30 min) – $59  + HST (total $66.67)



Holistic Wellness Coaching Call 

This is your chance to ask me about anything! Pick my brain for any and all tidbits of nutrition, health, pregnancy, food for kiddos, parenting, sleep, skincare and wellness you want. It can be challenging to navigate all of the information on the internet, so let an expert do it for you! I will make recommendations to improve your current dietary choices, suggest supplements to help you achieve your wellness goals and create a personalized short term protocol to kick start your journey to wellness.

      Service Fee – $99 + HST



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