“Are you looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, passionate nutritionist and health coach? Amanda is AMAZING!!!!!! I hired her to help me thru my Whole 30 and she was so great! She is kind, compassionate, smart, energetic and most importantly, she walks her talk! I highly recommend her! If you are not in the Whitby area, as I am not, she works via phone and Skype. If you are looking for support thru your nutritional goals and challenges give her a call! You will not be disappointed!!!! Thank you Amanda! You’re the best!” ~Mariana


“[I] saw Amanda to request suggestions and recommendations for proper nutrition in dealing with high cholesterol and uncontrolled glucose levels. I was advised by my doctor that I will be subjected to insulin if my high glucose level is not controlled….I followed the suggested foods, recorded all my food intakes, glucose readings and length of exercise for the next two weeks. On my second appointment I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my glucose level. I feel great and more energetic than before. I’ve also noticed a change in my weight. I had my blood test results and my family doctor was amazed by the results. My cholesterol level went down by 28 points and my blood sugar level also went down a bit. I want to thank Amanda for the support she gave me in order to stay healthy.” ~Maria


“I have never been able to shed my added pregnancy weight from my first child and although I was still quite healthy, I was not happy with how I looked. I was often tired, sleep deprived and felt sluggish at times. It appeared that the more I tried to eat healthy, the more weight I had gained and I did not understand why. To make matters worse, I was suffering from indigestion issues and felt bloated most of the time. I had gone to see my family doctor and was diagnosed with IBS and was only given a band-aid solution to cope. Amanda told me she could help by taking a look at my dietary intake and recommending some changes. I had nothing to lose so I opted to schedule an appointment. From there on, I slowly made changes to my diet and finally realized that I had major food intolerances. Amanda was always right on with her hunches in respect to my food intolerances and always gave me great suggestions with food choices/options to help me cope with the necessary diet change. She has a thorough understanding of nutrition and was a wealth of information when needed. She was also able to provide me with great recipe ideas and references for my personal insight. Let’s just say that my perspective of ‘healthy eating’ has greatly changed. For my situation, Amanda recommended a 6 week detox program. During the 6 weeks, I lost roughly 10lbs and 2 inches in the waist, but more importantly the insight I gained has changed my life. I haven’t felt so good in years! I was able to reset my digestive system, and after the dietary changes I now feel more energetic, have a clearer mind, better skin and my allergies have almost diminished completely. I have now incorporated my new philosophy within my family’s diet. This was a lot more than I had bargained for. Having experienced the improvements in overall health, I know there is no going back. Thank you Amanda! I am grateful for all your help!” ~Sandy


 “Amanda did a stellar job at our Conference. Her talk was relevant and resonated well with our team. She delivered a solid presentation in a compelling and engaging fashion…KUDOS to Amanda! We appreciate her efforts.” ~Greg


“I am glad I signed up [for my company weight loss challenge] because it’s probably one of the smartest decisions I have made. To hep me achieve my goals, I met with Amanda, laid out a plan, followed it religiously and lost [9% body fat]. What’s even more remarkable is that I have continued using the plan even though the challenge is over.  Throughout the challenge, I received significant support from Amanda on everything from tailoring my nutrition plan around my vegetarian diet to adjusting my fitness program when my results started to slow.” ~Vishal 


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