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Baked Chicken Thighs with Herb & Kale Pesto - Amanda Naturally

Baked Chicken Thighs with Herb & Kale Pesto

Growing up in the 90's, when everyone was sure that fat was the cause of heart disease (whoops, major fail), the breast was the only part of the chicken we ate. I remember my mom coming home from the grocery store with packs of chicken breasts and wrapping them in ...
Gluten Free Dairy Free Party Menu - Amanda Naturally

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Party Menu

A common question I get from friends and clients alike is: "But what do you guys eat?" Over the years I've crafted a variety of responses from the snarky "real food" to the TMI-filled "well just not gluten and dairy because this is what it does to me..." but I ...
Mango Creamsicles - Amanda Naturally

Mango Creamsicles [vegan, paleo]

When the dog days of summer roll in, I really start craving ice cream. Who am I kidding...I always crave ice cream!! That's all fine and dandy, except for the small issue of a severe dairy allergy, which makes enjoying ice cream a little more challenging for me than for ...
Thai Curry Meatballs - Amanda Naturally

Thai Curry Meatballs [gluten free, paleo]

I can't remember exactly when I discovered Thai food, but all I know is it was WAY too late in my life! I can't believe how many years went by without understanding the deliciousness that is Thai Curry. So, to make up for the time lost, I include curry-based meals ...
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