Breastmilk Popsicles

When Baby H was starting to get ready for solid foods (around 5 months), we began placing her in her highchair at the dinner table, for all meals. In order to get her used to the idea of meals at the table, we wanted to give her something to eat, instead of a toy.

She never took a bottle, specifically because we didn’t introduce it due to latch issues early on, so giving her a bottle of pumped breastmilk was not an option.

Instead, I found these amazing silicon teethers, that became a wonderful “breastmilk popsicle” for her to eat while we ate our meals! It also helped her practice putting food into her mouth.

I simply pumped some breastmilk and filled my silicon chocolate moulds halfway – they were the perfect size! They froze in about an hour and easily popped out. I had a stash in the freezer to make things easy!

Once she starts teething, we will probably use this method again – but maybe with bone broth, kombucha or even a smoothie

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