Beatty Protocols

These recipes are compliant with the majority of the dietary protocols recommended at Beatty Naturopathic. If you have been prescribed an Autoimmune Protocol, please visit the AIP Compliant Recipes.

Plantain Pancakes | grain free, dairy free |

Plantain Pancakes

I used to LOVE pancakes. Seriously love them. I mean come on, refined carbs + sugar + maple syrup - what's not to love? Interestingly, as I've changed how I nourish my body, my palate has also changed pretty dramatically (I say this as I type away while snacking on ...
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75 Healthy Holiday Recipes | gluten free, dairy free, grain free |

75 Healthy Holiday Recipes

The holiday season can be challenging when you avoid certain foods. If you're lucky, you can indulge in a few treats that you wouldn't normally indulge in - if that's the case go ahead! Just make them count! However if you're like me, there's a line you can't cross. I ...
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Maple Balsamic Kale | vegan , paleo, AIP, delicious |

Maple Balsamic Kale

I love kale. But I am also very aware that kale is an acquired taste. I didn't love it right off the bat, and in fact I was kind of intimidated to cook it! I hate soggy cooked greens, and raw kale salad can be kind of overwhelming (both from ...
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One Sentence Journal |

One-Sentence Journal

One of the promises I made to myself as I was recovering from Adrenal Fatigue was to focus on the positive whenever possible. Since I am predisposed (both through personality and genetics) to be susceptible to stress, the habits I formed during my recovery have become part of my every ...
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Ginger Carrot Soup | dairy free, paleo, vegan |

Ginger Carrot Soup

This past weekend we harvested all of the carrots from our garden. We were shocked to see how many there were! We only planted 1 row, but ended up with bowls and bowls of carrots. So in order to use them all while they're fresh and most tasty, I quickly ...
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Red Curry Mussels | grain free, low carb, nutrient dense |

Red Curry Mussels

Mussels have been a restaurant go-to of mine for a long time now! Living with food allergies can be challenging when it comes to eating out - especially since so many people love Italian (read: wheat and cheese). However most of the time there's a mussel dish on the menu, ...
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Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites |

Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites (and why you don’t need to be afraid of bacon!)

In honour of the ridiculous report released by the WHO earlier this week (saying that bacon and red meat are akin to cigarettes regarding cancer risk), I've decided to share a go-to appetizer in my house - Bacon, Guac & Tomato Bites! This doesn't even really require a recipe per ...
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Pumpkin Spice Muffins | grain free, gluten free, nut free |

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Well it's about time I posted a pumpkin recipe this fall! I'm a huge fan of the pumpkin-spice obsession that occurs as of October 1. Normally I stick with homemade pumpkin spice lattes using my pumpkin spice creamer, but sometimes I get a little more creative. Case in point, this ...
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Thanksgiving Round Up

The best part about Thanksgiving is that it is based around real, whole foods like meat and veggies. I've gathered up some of the most delicious Thanksgiving recipes from the blogosphere to help you finish up your menus this weekend! The only classic Thanksgiving foods that are not real, whole ...
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Squash Tutorial |

Squash Tutorial

With yesterday being the first day of October, I thought it would be timely to post a simple tutorial for cooking squash! Winter squashes of all varieties are one of my favourite foods, which is interesting because they literally made me gag as a kid - I wouldn't even carry ...
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Vegetable Oils | Dangers, Health Implications, Which Fats/Oils to Choose |

Vegetable Oils (a.k.a. Industrial Seed Oils)

One of the biggest concerns with the current nutrition recommendations are those revolving around fat consumption. Practitioners who are not up to date on current research still advise low-fat diets for weight loss and protection against heart disease. Not only is this information not substantiated by the medical literature, it ...
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Healing Leaky Gut | foods to avoid, foods for healing, lifestyle changes and working with a practitioner |

Healing Leaky Gut

In the first 2 posts in this series, I discussed: What is Leaky Gut - A compromised digestive tract lining that can lead to a whole host of health concerns from minor allergies to full-blown autoimmune conditions What Causes a Leaky Gut - Food (specifically wheat, sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains ...
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